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Dr Sun Yat Sen was here June 5, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Malaysia, People, Places.

A long time ago before most of us were born, Sun Yat Sen travelled to Penang to get support for the Chinese Revolution. The year of Dr Sun’s visit was 1905.

There were some Chinese who had made their fortunes in old Malaya who extended a helping hand. One of these local Chinese was Goh Say Eng (1875-1941). It is said that he devoted his entire fortune to the cause of the Chinese Revolution.

When he died, his fortune had dissipated. The years have passed, leaving only memories. In Armenian Street, Penang today, there’s a house that is dedicated to these memories and activities of so many decades ago.

It is an interesting place where a visitor can travel back in time to recapture the essence and mood of those things long past. Sun Yat Sen is now part of history, partly Penang’s and of modern China as well.

However, who can fathom the mood of that era more than a century ago. This house in Armenian Street is a good guide for locals who are interested in Malaysian history and foreigners who wish to dig a little deeper into the activities of Sun Yat Sen.




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