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Communion with Mother Nature at Frim July 21, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Malaysia, Nature, People, Places.

Many of us grew up in more natural surroundings than what is now termed as the concrete jungle. Back in those days, as some of us would like to say, there was a real jungle and you can actually bear witness to a flight of wild ducks.

Those days are gone now, in most cities and towns, anyway. There are still places outside the city centres where such natural sights are taken for granted.

If you feel like getting away from it all, just for a while, may I recommend Frim forest reserve which is near to Kepong. You will have to pay a nominal sum to go in with your family inside a car.

The trees are a welcome sight. There is less noise and almost no traffic in the serene grounds. Further up, there’s a small waterfall which will soothe those tired city eyes of yours.

Children and adults frolick in the murky waters that they would like to believe to be clean. If you want to have a feel of nature being close to you, you really need to get out of your car and walk.

The exercise will do you some good. On top of that, it will remind you of some of the nicest things that flourish outside the city limits. There’s a force in nature that rejuvenates your body and mind. Try it sometime in the near future.



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