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Beyond the window of one’s vision July 29, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Food, Malaysia, Miscellaneous, Nature, Places.

The above scenes were taken from a Chinese restaurant at the Holiday Villa Hotel in Petaling Jaya about one Chinese New Year ago.

Many of us have been guilty of being told “you have eyes that do not see!” Sadly, that’s true of nine out of 10 of us.

On a day when the food was great and time was not a factor, I gazed out of the restaurant window and caught scenes that soothed my mind and acted as balm for a tired body.

Very often in our busy lives, we do not take time to look without purpose out of the window. We think we have seen everything that needed to be seen, and yet we often see very little.

The world awaits our visual appreciation and we have been negligent in our duty. Is not the mirror-like water surface worthy of a second and third glance from us? Is it not human to appreciate the greenery displayed before our eyes?

This then is the malaise that plagues generation after generation. We are taught to keep our focus on your careers and on the money train. There are far more wonderful things of greater value to us if we just bother to look at thing that spell a silent Zen moment.

Look at the little birds chirping on a tree branch, listen to the crickets and to the whispers of the wind. Let your soul drifts to heights unattained by the finest modern jets. Let it be known that yours is the spirit put on earth for greater missions than just accumulating material wealth, for that is not the stuff you can take with you to the other side.



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