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Food, food, glorious Malaysian food! August 31, 2008

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You have got to hand it to Malaysians. When it comes to food, everybody shows that remarkable display of patience that you don’t normally see in a “free-for-all-buffet lunch).

Malaysians are so lucky. We have got some of the finest cuisines known to men, east and west of the Suez Canal. And on top of that, our food is affordable. Some downright cheap, that it’s almost ridiculous.

Of course, I am keeping all those places a secret. Who wants a whole bunch of people cornering my favourite joints? Anyway, those strips of tandoori chicken is a welcome sight for any hungry person. I am already hungry just looking at them and I just had my breakfast.

Live and eat, as I always say!


Sights and sounds of a neighbourhood August 28, 2008

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We always hear mature parents tellings relatives and friends nowadays that children these days are so lucky. They have their shopping complexes, games outlets, PS3, X-Boxes and other modern facilities that boggle the minds of their out-of-date parents.

Yeap! They are lucky all right. Back in those susah old days, we have only drains, coconut trees and big drains to while our time away. The above pictures give you an idea of what it was like 30 years ago when things were not so sophisticated.

Actually, on hindsight, I am beginning to wonder who are actually the lucky ones. That link or communion with Mother Nature has been severed a long time ago. One day when you are 80 years old, you will find that there’s a whole new meaning to “the best things in life are free.”

On a hot summer afternoon in Kuala Selangor August 24, 2008

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Kuala Selangor is one of those places in Selangor that begs to be explored but city folks normally make a beeline for this small fishing town during weekends to replenish their stocks of fresh fish and prawns.

Actually, the prices of fish and prawns are not much different from what you get from the city hypermarkets because the fishmongers in Kuala Selangor have wised up over the years.

They too have learnt about the escalating cost of living and the touchy subject of inflation. But others like me, the traveller-without-a-purpose tend to gravitate towards Kuala Selangor for its simple lifestyle and rustic attractions.

Korean culinary invasion August 22, 2008

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In recent years, due to the popularity of Korean drama series on TV, there has been a mushrooming of Korean restaurants in Peninsular Malaysia, in particular Klang Valley.

In PJ SS2, there are at least three Korean restaurants. The fact that they have been there for years reveals the sustainability of the business.

Korean cuisine is an acquired taste. Some people like it, others don’t but it is generally agreed that Korean dishes are quite healthy. There are a lot of leafy stuff, and the spiciness of certain dishes will go down well with those who like their food with a bit of a kick.

The pictures above were taken at Seo Gun Restaurant in SS2. Quite a nice place. The decor is subliminal and it is very neat. Service is efficient and the bill won’t send you to the poor house.

Pasar malams make great outings August 19, 2008

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This pasar malam phenomenon started in Malaysia about three decades ago. Back in those days, there were small market traders who used to do their business in all corners of the town and villages, day or night, whenever it suited them.

These days, the pasar business has become a multi-million ringgit industry. In Petaling Jaya alone, there’s at least one pasar malam going on each day of the week.

Personally, I love pasar malams. It is that “discoverer” in me. You will never know what you may find at a pasar malam. And I have found quite a number of things I normally don’t have time for at pasar malams strewn across the various states of Malaysia.

The above pictures are of the Ijok pasar malam. It is not as grand as the one in PJ SS2 but for small town Ijok, it is more than okay.

Long live the pasar malam. It is one way of solving the scarce parking space at shopping complexes, and on top of that, you can bargain until somebody loses his or her temper!