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A chopper eye’s view of the 12 apostles of Australia August 6, 2008

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If you haven’t been in a chopper (helicopter) then you must add that to your “Must-Do List”.

The experience will last you a lifetime. A few of us were sent up to heaven in this seemingly bubble-like mosquito-sized chopper and got a fantastic view of the wild blue yonder off the coast of Melbourne.

We were introduced to the “12 Apostles”. They were actually rock formations that had made Australia famous among foreign tourists. When we were there, only 9 Apostles were left because time and tide have erased the other three.

Still, now I know how a seagull feels over the ocean. The experience of being up in the air is surrealistic because everything is sort of quiet and still and then the helicopter dove in for a closer view.

Fantastico! Worth a million bucks. Some millionaires don’t even get to experience this because they are afraid of flying. Well, I have scratched another item off my Must-Do List. Must try mount Everest next but not K2, if you know what I mean.



1. dinu - August 22, 2008

“12 Apostles” in Australia .. that was a new info for me .. thanks 🙂 but I expected more pictures ………….

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