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Koala bear in the wild August 6, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Australia, Nature, Other Countries, Places.

And there I was in this little bus heading towards Apollo Beach somewhere in the big wide state of New South Wales.

We were about an hour’s drive away from Melbourne. Our driver blurted out: “Anyone wants to see a real Koala bear. They are all over the place and I know just where one might see a few or one.”

So the drive slowed down considerably. Sure enough, minutes later, the bus came to a stop. We all scrambled down like hillbillies and looked at the trees.

I finally saw one. The koala was happily taking its siesta. Too many tourists make it tired. According to reports (not confirmed), koala bears in the wild can eat a big chunk of eucalyptus leaves in a short time.

But since Australia has plenty of this type of trees, it was “no worries”.  The view on the beach front was awesome. Can’t tell you more because you weren’t there!! Sorry.



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