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Gateway to Penang’s ancient past September 28, 2008

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Penang is one of those places in Malaysia that is pregnant from historical influences. Hundreds of years ago, it was a thriving port with the English and other maritime merchants visiting its shores for commercial reasons.

Chief among these visitors were the Chinese who came in droves and many of whom stayed. Today, there are many old stately homes with Chinese motifs on the doors, window frames, walls and almost any part of a mansion.

The pictures above are an indication of how rich the heritage is. It reflects those ancient times when trade was the engine of Penang’s growth. Together with those early settlers, Penang was transformed into a metroplis that wore many faces.

If you want to know a bit about Penang’s early settlers, walk over to the Northam Road Cemetery near the Continental Hotel in Penang Road and take a closer look at the tombstones.


Chow-time for college students September 24, 2008

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Young people are hungry most of the time, especially Malaysian youths. So it is only natural that there are food courts or restaurants located near colleges and universities.

It so happens that the Sunway Selera Food Court is located within walking distance from the Sunway College and the Monash University in Sunway. The food court has a number of food stalls that sell affordable and reasonably good dishes.

I used to be a frequent visitor to this place. If your preferences are a bit upmarket, you can try those restaurants directly opposite the back entrance to the Sunway College. Generally, you should have no cause for complaint as far as food is concerned.

Wondrous arts & crafts from talented folks September 19, 2008

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Malaysia is a land where talented handicraft folks abound. But unfortunately, most of us seldom get to meet them because they normally do not stay in the city or the suburbs.

Most of these talented people are very much tied to the land. They are the tillers, farmers, fishermen, or just plain riverine or country folks. It’s only during handicraft expositions that some of their creations and works show up.

I have had the great pleasure and honour of seeing and touching some of their fine handicrafts. Tiny little boxes made of natural materials. Batik paintings of astoundingly fine quality and trinklets are made by tired hands long after they have had come home from the padi fields or a small orchard where they grow and harvest only what they need.

We city people are so lucky. In a way, some of us show our appreciation of the diligence of our fellow brethern by buying their handicraft at the prices they desire. One hand helps another, as the old Asian saying goes.

Take Your Eyes For A Swim September 17, 2008

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There are sights and sounds in shopping complexes that sometimes are quite pleasant. There I was one fine Sunday morning at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Right at the entrance was this great aquarium with some sea creatures, including a handful of colourful fish swimming about. My eyes rested on these gentle inhabitants from the deep. My eyes went for a relaxing swim.

And I emerged much invigorated and refreshed. You will never know what you can find if you look further beyond your normal vision. Life’s like that. Things are sometimes too close to be observed. Relax and you will see much more.

Welcome to the mini waterworld September 14, 2008

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All little boys are interested in tiny, colourful fishes. But these days, these tiny ones are no longer cheap. That means, it doesn’t cost 10 sen each.

Back in those good old days, we used to collect them from rivers and streams. But that was in those days when it was safe for a small boy to wade in the river. These days, you really don’t want any small child to dip his feet in the heavily polluted waters.

But small fishes in pails do cost quite a bit after you have tallied up the total. Psychiatrists say it is therapeutic to stare at fishes in an aquarium. I prefer to go to see a show in the nearest cineplex.