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Hong Kong wantan and some other things September 3, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Food, Hong Kong, Other Countries, People, Places.

I always wanted to try the real Hong Kong wantan mee. I know there are lots of wantan mee stalls in Malaysia which are quite memorable and notable but there’s nothing like an authentic Hong Kong wantan.

The opportunity came when I was visiting Lantau island, home of Disneyland. The first obvious sign that it was a HK wantan dish is the size of the bowl. It was big. I don’t know why it was big because the among of mee in the soup was about the same as anywhere else.

Perhaps it has something to do with our visual appreciation of anything that feels and looks big – as if we will be getting our money’s worth. The char siew was also in big slices. Again, I don’t know why it needed to be so big.

The taste? Well, I have tasted better but to be fair to those chaps, there are better ones (wantan mee) in Kowloon which I so happened to bypass. I shan’t make the same mistake again when I visit the ex-British colony a second time.

As for accommodation, the Hollywood Disneyland Hotel gets the thumbs-up from me. Everywhere you turn, you see a Mickey Mouse logo or symbol. Even in the bedroom, the ears of Mickey stick out a mile long for your eyes to appreciate.

And on the streets of Disney town, there are uniformed guides to show you the right places. Nothing is left to chance. They have not forgotten that you are paying for everything. Don’t forget to bring all your spare change!!!



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