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Natural splendour in the line of vision October 8, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Malaysia, Nature, Places.

Have you ever hung around the base of a tree and wonder what’s it’s all about? Trees, rocks, waterfalls, dead leaves and undergrowth all denote one thing – that life has a force that is unstoppable. Nothing can stop growth.

The tree you spied on in your teenage years now grows 30ft tall. The small bush that you used to run circles around in, is so big now that you are told snakes have been sighted on its branches.

Such is the luxuriant nature of trees, grass, leaves and trunks. It is a personal habit to hang around tall trees. I often wonder why am I so fascinated by the intricate patterns of leaves and the sunlight shining through them.

One fine day when you really have nothing better to do, you should park yourself under an impressive canopy of three branches and soad in the sight when your eyes are cast upwards.

Perhaps you will be able to see what I have already a glimpse of. And that is that the foliage that surrounds us also gives a certain energy to the enviornment which we constantly abused and misued.

  May one day, more of us will learn to appreciate the little green gifts that are laid out before us on the table of life.



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