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Gently please, a butterfly on your shoulder October 30, 2009

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Tattoo for women only

Tattoos are beginning to regain its popularity after being dormant for decades.

A number of men are beginning to sport tattoos on their backs, shoulders, chest, and arms. Then there are the women who prefer little tattoos, perhaps of butterflies, flowers and little angels on their ankles, back or on their hips.

But whatever an individual’s preference, tattoo has enjoyed a revival of sorts in recent years. In Asia, the phenomenon is picking up speed. It is evident in the number of tattoo parlours that are sprouting up in shopping complexes.


Asian beauties October 28, 2009

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Asian beauties

Some of the most beautiful women are in Asia. Of course, there are beautiful women all over the world but truth be told, the best reside in some of the most unheralded nations in the Asian region.

Feast your eyes on these three beauties. They are but just a mere sample of what has been bragged about by foreigners for ages untold.

Masjid Jamek — one of the earliest mosques in Kuala Lumpur October 26, 2009

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Masjid Jamek mosque

Within the mosque perimeters

Masjid Jamek is located in the confluence of two rivers in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

On its muddy banks began the commercial centre of what KL is today. It holds many stories within its grounds.

The British and the Moghul influences are inherent in its design and layout. That’s what made this house of worship so special and the heritage of Malaysia so rich.

Traditional blades by master craftsmen October 26, 2009

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Craft9 _ P1030695

Deep in the heartland of the native bladesmiths lies masterpieces by makers unknown.

There are a select few bladesmiths who have honed their skills over the decades. Only the discerning and collectors know of their existence.
In Malaysia, their craft lives and thrives with the enthusiasm of knife collectors and those who use them for utilitarian purposes.Goloks and parangs from Malaysia, Sabah & SarawakBlades of different shapes and sizes from master bladesmiths