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Kitchen with a view November 10, 2009

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Kitchen with a view

Within the narrow confines of a public eatery, there lies a narrow passage that has been transformed into a kitchen. Despite its shabby trappings and trimmings, the pots, pans, wok and stove have produced many a delectable meal.

Just ask all its repeat customers, of which I am one of them. When hunger pangs call, there is nothing that tastes bad, especially when it is fresh from the hot wok.


Kids will be kids or getting an eyeful at an early age November 5, 2009

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Catching a better view

When you are young, everything is seen from your perspective. Take this child, for example. He has cleverly put himself in a vantage point to catch a better view of his surroundings.

So there lies the wisdom, see the world through child’s eyes. There’s much to be gained.

A glimpse of Mother Nature’s backyard November 2, 2009

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Garden in Frim grounds

Sometimes there are places that are hidden from public view. This place seems to be one of them. It is the site of the Botanical Garden in Frim, Kepong.

Visitors are few and far between but for those who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of its lovely beauty, it serves as a reminder that when humans work in concert with nature, miracles do happen!