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About Asian Images

This is a photoblog-cum-website by a group of Malaysian photographers. Our mission statement is to provide unique pictures that speak of our country’s beauty, heritage, cultures, traditions, and the richness of our diversity.

   We will endeavour to showcase Malaysian wealth from various perspectives and in all possible categories. Our pictorial essays will be categorised forthwith for easy reference and accessibility.

    We wish to share with the world what our eyes see and what our cameras can capture for posterity. Such beauty and wealth of pictorial information in Malaysia must not only be shared, they must also be enjoyed by all. From time to time, we will also feature unique shots from our neighbouring land.

   We hope to celebrate Malaysia’s splendour and Asia’s rich colours with all those who have visited us and all those who have not been here, but would like to do so in future. See our country and Asia through our eyes. Enjoy!

If you need these pictures for your use, kindly contact us.

All works here are protected by copyright licensed under the

Creative Commons License

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