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So many delectable choices from one little stall November 10, 2012

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So many delectable choices from one little stall

There are at least eight different variations to the iced soya-based snack. You take your pick.

If you don’t like a light snack like this, then you are not from this planet. Taiwan has loads of this kind of very delicious stuff.

This bowl was mine. Even as I pen these lines, I am salivating. Must check the airport as to the next flight to Taipei.


Jinjang pasar malam stalls November 10, 2012

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Jinjang pasar malam stalls

This man is selling fried radish cakes or koay kak. It is loved by some sections of the Chinese community. Eat too much and it will give you a sore throat.
Too heaty, as our mothers would say.

In every pasar malam, there must be a few stalls that have all the little, cute wearables, especially for the younger set.
And if you ask these girls why they think this stall is popular, you will get a dozen reasons.


NIght time always seems to be a good time for a chow-down and a tuck-in session. Near the Jinjang Utara pasar malam site, there is a restaurant that enjoys a boost in customers on Saturdays.
That’s when the night market takes place.


Tallest sandwich in the world? October 25, 2008

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By now, most of us should have gotten used to seeing spectacular events at major shopping centres in Klang Valley. However, earlier this year, even yours truly was taken aback by what was claimed to be the tallest sandwich in the world.

If you have not seen thousands of sandwiches stacked horizontally one on top of another and it stretched about 50 feet into the air, you really don’t know what you are seeing.

What crossed my mind at that time was what were they going to do with all those sandwiches after the events? I got hungry even thinking about the possibilities.

Foreign labour in Malaysian restaurants October 25, 2008

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These days it is common to see foreign workers of various nationalities working in Malaysian coffeeshops and eateries.

Recently, I found myself facing to face with some “Chinese workers” in an Indian establishment. It was only when they could not understand me that I suspected that we are not communicating on the same bandwith.

On further enquiry, I found out they were actually Vietnamese. Then yesterday, I talked to some “locals” who turned out to be Myanmar nationals. Malaysia is becoming the new “land of milk and honey” for her neighbours.

We have Bosnians, Africans, Thais, Indons, Chinese nationals, Koreans, Mongolians, etc, strewn all over shopping complexes stretching from Kangar, Perlis to Kuching, Sarawak.

In a way, it is a happy situation. We get to learn to know our neighbours better now. As they say, glad to lend a helping hand to people who are just trying to eke out an honest living.

Gateway to Penang’s ancient past September 28, 2008

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Penang is one of those places in Malaysia that is pregnant from historical influences. Hundreds of years ago, it was a thriving port with the English and other maritime merchants visiting its shores for commercial reasons.

Chief among these visitors were the Chinese who came in droves and many of whom stayed. Today, there are many old stately homes with Chinese motifs on the doors, window frames, walls and almost any part of a mansion.

The pictures above are an indication of how rich the heritage is. It reflects those ancient times when trade was the engine of Penang’s growth. Together with those early settlers, Penang was transformed into a metroplis that wore many faces.

If you want to know a bit about Penang’s early settlers, walk over to the Northam Road Cemetery near the Continental Hotel in Penang Road and take a closer look at the tombstones.