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Jinjang pasar malam stalls November 10, 2012

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Jinjang pasar malam stalls

This man is selling fried radish cakes or koay kak. It is loved by some sections of the Chinese community. Eat too much and it will give you a sore throat.
Too heaty, as our mothers would say.

In every pasar malam, there must be a few stalls that have all the little, cute wearables, especially for the younger set.
And if you ask these girls why they think this stall is popular, you will get a dozen reasons.


NIght time always seems to be a good time for a chow-down and a tuck-in session. Near the Jinjang Utara pasar malam site, there is a restaurant that enjoys a boost in customers on Saturdays.
That’s when the night market takes place.



Nature unveils one of its finest creations. November 8, 2012

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Nature unveils one of its finest creations.

One of the more scenic spots in the man-made reservoir in Selangor. The trees and bushes act like a picture frame for the scenic landscape.

Local residents tend to flock to this dam during weekends.


Empangan Batu or Batu Dam which is located near Batu Caves on a road leading through the hills to Ulu Yam Lama is one of the most beautiful dams in the Klang Valley.

For city dwellers whose tired eyes need a balm, this dam is one of the elixirs that will soothe a tired body and blood-shot eyes.

April 5, 2010

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Sometimes in my wanderings in search for the holy grail in the realm of blades, I come across a few surprises.

Take for example, the above. I have never seen such blades but I did, at a recent public exhibition of local Malaysian handicraft.

These short knives are from Kelantan. Yes, they bear the marks of a persistent hammer and the jerky hand movements of the maker who spent one too many hours at his work shop.

But each streak of the grinder on the sharpened Jeep spring is testimony of a man who takes pride in his work. The longer-than-usual hand, made from fine-looking wood, is comfortable in my roughened hands.

There is a certain feeling that is undescribable when a man puts a work of art in his hands. It is an unspoken relationship that tells the handler that “yes, this is me,  I have met my new owner.”

It may sound corny but ask any blade collector who has handled a beautiful handiwork and he will wax lyrical about the amalgam of wood and steel forged in fire.

April 5, 2010

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Many Malaysians are ignorant of the beauty of batik. A lot of people think of clothes when batik is mentioned. Actually, batik’s beauty has been seen in paintings and in other forms of artwork.

Here we have batik used as pictures to decorate the interior of a house or a hall. The beauty of batik is accentuated when it is hung against a background where sunlight is allowed full play.

Sometimes, you need a helping hand from nature to see the beauty of a batik print.

April 5, 2010

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People in general have a certain fascination with sharpened tools. Without exception are the traditional Malay weapons. In the old days, as we call it, the knives you see before you, were normally used for agricultural purposes.

Modern times have caught up with society, so there’s very much less reliance on these tools anymore. In long decades past, the lawi ayam was used as a agricultural tool, mainly for pruning palm fronds or rattan.

Of course, in some circles the lawi ayam also goes by its other name, kerambit. It also has another more sinister purpose. The goloks in the foreground as beautiful works of art.

Collectors search up and low throughout Peninsular Malaysia for a collector’s golok whose traits are excellent metal work, beautiful engravings and superb finishing.

All these qualities add up to a hefty bill for the collector and a great return for the blademaker.