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Koala bear in the wild August 6, 2008

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And there I was in this little bus heading towards Apollo Beach somewhere in the big wide state of New South Wales.

We were about an hour’s drive away from Melbourne. Our driver blurted out: “Anyone wants to see a real Koala bear. They are all over the place and I know just where one might see a few or one.”

So the drive slowed down considerably. Sure enough, minutes later, the bus came to a stop. We all scrambled down like hillbillies and looked at the trees.

I finally saw one. The koala was happily taking its siesta. Too many tourists make it tired. According to reports (not confirmed), koala bears in the wild can eat a big chunk of eucalyptus leaves in a short time.

But since Australia has plenty of this type of trees, it was “no worries”.  The view on the beach front was awesome. Can’t tell you more because you weren’t there!! Sorry.


A chopper eye’s view of the 12 apostles of Australia August 6, 2008

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If you haven’t been in a chopper (helicopter) then you must add that to your “Must-Do List”.

The experience will last you a lifetime. A few of us were sent up to heaven in this seemingly bubble-like mosquito-sized chopper and got a fantastic view of the wild blue yonder off the coast of Melbourne.

We were introduced to the “12 Apostles”. They were actually rock formations that had made Australia famous among foreign tourists. When we were there, only 9 Apostles were left because time and tide have erased the other three.

Still, now I know how a seagull feels over the ocean. The experience of being up in the air is surrealistic because everything is sort of quiet and still and then the helicopter dove in for a closer view.

Fantastico! Worth a million bucks. Some millionaires don’t even get to experience this because they are afraid of flying. Well, I have scratched another item off my Must-Do List. Must try mount Everest next but not K2, if you know what I mean.

Get away to Otway Park in Victoria, Australia March 28, 2008

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Most of you know how big Australia is, so it’s only natural that the only country that’s also a continent would have lots of evergreen parks.

Otway park in the State of Victoria is one of the many that the Aussies are very proud of. Of course, you can’t compare the tropical rainforests that are abundant in tropical countries like Malaysia. Ours are dense, thick foliage and almost impenetrable at some places.

The one you see before you is well laid out, with charming like streams and some very tall trees. The temperature is just like Genting Highlands at 10pm. That means pretty cool.

A brisk walk through Otway park should burn off some excess calories. You can reach there by way of the Grean Ocean Road. It’s a scenic drive, guaranteed to make you want to stay in Victoria a bit longer.

Chinatown holds many secrets in Melbourne, Australia March 28, 2008

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In many major cities around the world, there bound to be a chinatown. In fact, it would be rather unusual not to have a chinatown in most developed countries.

So Melbourne, Australia is no exception. Its chinatown is not exactly like the one we have in Petaling Street. A number of the shops are manned and owned by mainland Chinese, at least that was my perception.

  Most of the proprietors speak Mandarin if they think you are a Chinese. That’s a dead giveaway sign that they are from the mainland. Aussie Chinese speak with that Aussie twang. But chinatown is one of those places where Chinese from anywhere in the world would feel at home.

Herbs, Chinese medicine, and all kinds of noodles are found in abundance. Just like home, we usually say and how true it is!

Tea is served at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market March 19, 2008

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Ever walk into one of those shops dedicated solely to the promotion of tea leaves and china. Well, there’s one such shop but it’s located in the heart of the famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia.

If you are a first time visitor to Melbourne, the Queen Victoria Market is a must-see. It is absolutely one of the most organised and pretty markets I have ever seen.

You know what markets are like in most countries but this one puts them, or most of them, to shame. It is clean, well-stocked and quite well laid-out. Why is it that we always find markets like this overseas and not at home. We can actually have markets of this standard in our own beloved country.

All we need is commitment and a huge sense of pride. OK, let’