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Underwater world March 11, 2009

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There are some big aquariums around the world. Melbourne has one, so has Kuala Lumpur. The one you are looking at is on Sentosa island, Singapore.

It’s a great place to bring the family. Nothing like sharks swimming overhead and giving you the jitters when you stare at their big jaws.

It is also an educational and informational experience too. Okay, let’s go swimming.


Singapore Chinatown after dark July 20, 2008

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Chinese all over the world have got this insatiable curiosity to visit other Chinatowns whenever they are on holiday on foreign soil.

Take for example, Melbourne, Australia. Right in the heart of this beautiful city is a neat Chinatown. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the kind of ambience that you will find in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But it is Chinatown nevertheless, even though many of the shops are manned by ex-Chinese mainlanders.

One Chinese can spot another “foreign” Chinese about four joss sticks’ fragrance away. Recently, I went south of the Malaysian border, down Singapore way.

Naturally, the island republic has her own Chinatown. It is one of the cleanest Chinatowns I have ever come across. The frontage of many of these old shoplots have got a new coat of paint and all significant repairs have been done. Quite impressive.

Some of the food stalls have items that I have not even tried before. Just goes to show you that it’s never too late to try something new.

The items were basically the same as those found in other Chinatowns, with a few variations, of course. Do I like it? Well, of course, Chinatown is Chinatown. It’s just like coming home.

So long as there are restaurants, roadside stalls and plenty of cheap souvenirs, we feel we have somehow arrive at the right spot.

The many faces of Singapore July 18, 2008

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South of border, down Johor way lies Singapore. For centuries Singapore has been part of Malaysia until the mid-1960s, then the boundaries were clearly marked.

Today, Singapore has a different geographical outlook. It is still like Malaysia in many ways but on other aspects, the Lion city and island state is totally different.

When a visitor goes down to Singapore from Malaysia, it is a study of contrasts. We are same, and yet different. That’s the flavour of the region. There are many interesting faces of Singapore. Beneath it all, we find we are very much the same.

One thing though, Singaporeans and Malaysians find each other quite interesting.

Geyland Serai – just like home! March 30, 2008

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Malaysians have this habit of going overseas and subsconsciously look for anything that resembles home. Take for example, me. I was in Singapore and a friend exclaimed: “Let’s go and eat something that’s not to typical of Singapore.

Off we went and ended up in Geyland Serai. First thing I noticed was the small number of Chinese faces. I was quickly told that this is more of an Indian-Malay neighbourhood. The foods are exactly the kind we have north of the border. Even the roti canai and thosai looked the same.

“Just like Malaysia!” I almost shouted. “See what did I tell you? I know you would like it,” my friend quickly said, as if reading my thoughts.

Yes, we Malaysians are like that. No matter how far we wander around the globe, we end up looking for people and things from home. So typical. I will tell you on another day how we bumped into Malaysians in disguised as English in good old London.

Feel the hunger pangs coming… January 30, 2007

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When a man’s hungry, everything looks good. That was what happened to me on that sunny morning at Geylang Serai, Singapore.

Those rows of warung or gerai reminded me of home (Malaysia). There was not much difference in taste of the dishes either because both countries across the Causeway have a commong history.

Anyway, it was a good morning breakfast for me in the end.