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pr50.jpgFeb 7, 2007. Google PageRank 5 – What an Achievement!It has been a while and what a surprise. Thanks everyone for making this happen. Without your links, we would not have made it.!

Sept 2 – Asian Pixmen bids welcome to new blog friends. These blogs have linked us. Have you, yet? Check out our Link Us page to link us!

Sept 1 – 3,317 picture lovers have visited Asian Images!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We hit over 3,317 visitors today and we are glad to have received so many. When we started with this concept, we were worried if anyone would be interested in what we have to offer for free. Now we are glad to be proven wrong!

Thanks for the support and we promise we will release a whole lot more of great pictures here. And fantastic stories too,

Don’t forget. If you need to use any of the pictures, please help yourself. Tell your friends who need them too, either for tourism magazines or websites, that they can get them free from Asian Images.

MSN has found 371 links to us. We hope you will link us too.

– Sincerely,

Aug 25 – Logo Change:

It as only been slightly over three weeks since our launch and we are proud to say that the visits have touched over 2,300. Thank you for visiting our site and for recommending it to your friends all over the web. We have received many letters over the past few weeks for our effort and although space limitation do not allow us to list them here, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

This is a site from us to you. The images here document the unique part of Asia and its diversity and for us to share them with you all. We hope you like them.

As you can see, we have changed our masthead a bit, and we hope you like it, too. Feel free to write to us here . We will reply every letter.

You may also add your comments below, too.

Thank you for your support, everyone of you whereever you are. Bless you all!

– Sincerely,



1. Markk - January 26, 2007

I’m impressed by the pictures you posted on this blog. I’m sure there’ll be more captivating pictures coming our way via AsiaImages.

Hope to see more visual info on Penang as a tourist spot and a developing island in the north of Peninsular Malaysia.

I’ll be linking to this blog.

2. isamaeel - February 15, 2010



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