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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this site organised?
If you are searching for a specific image, go to the Pages tab at the right and click on the appropriate one, ie Nature, People, etc.

How can I use the images here?
This site is governed by a Creative Commons License for copyright. Click on the Creative Commons License tab at the bottom right to read the conditions set forth. Apart from the Creative Common License, if you wish to use the images here, you are required to write to us for permission to avoid any legal problems later on.

Do I have to pay?
No, if you use those that appear here. And that applies for commercial use as well. However, you are to credit us – Image by Asianpixmen-Asianimages

But the files are of low resolution.
Indeed they are. For higher resolution images, we charge a small fee. This fee is used to offset administrative costs and maintenance of camera equipment. We also contribute a fraction of our earnings to charitable bodies based in Malaysia. In other words, when you purchase an image for use, you are also doing a good deed in assisting the needy.

How do I pay?
Because of the risk involved in existing internet transactions, please write to us to arrange how you may pay us risk free.

When do I get my images.
As soon as payment is received, the images will be sent.

How many times can I use the image I purchased?
As many times as they are available to you but the main copyright is still held by us and you will also have to credit us accordingly.

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